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Midsomer Norton, Bath, Somerset - Last updated 12 October 2010




You might think that you are powerless to stop this development. BUT as a community we can and it is vital that as many people as possible register their views onthe B&NES Planning Consultation website page, email or write.


The application number is: 10/04015/FUL

To comment via the B&NES website click here

This link will take you straight to the comment box. Remember you can only put in 600 characters - but you don't have to write a book -  just make a few simple comments. It may be very very slow the first time you use this - please be patient and it will work...

To view all the associated documents to find out more and see for yourself you can click here

To comment via email:

To write a letter to B&NES:

B&NES Planning Services, Trimbridge House, Trim Street, Bath, BA1 2DP



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To register your views on the B&NES website

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