Redfield Residents Association

Midsomer Norton, Bath, Somerset


Survey reveals an average 165 vehicles per hour!


We recently carried out a traffic survey over a 12 hour period, 8am - 8pm, to get an idea of just how many vehicles travel down Redfield Road.


In total we logged almost 2000 vehicles, giving an average of 165 cars per hour passing down our road; AND this number didn't include those that passed along the lower half of the road and into Steam Mills, nor those that came in and out of the adjoining roads.


The busiest period was - not surprisingly - from 8am - 9am when a staggering 320 vehicles passed by. Here is a graph showing the traffic levels over the period logged:



In terms of the types of vehicle - 83% were cars - there were a significant number of vans - and although HGV's were relatively low - when they did pass they caused chaos in our narrow and congested road.



Our next step is to collect more comprehensive data by expanding both the survey coverage area and the time period - possibly to a full week.




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