Redfield Residents Association

Midsomer Norton, Bath, Somerset - Updated 9 April 2007


Redfield residents unite!


On the 30 November 2006 the second full meeting of the Redfield Residents Association took place. 


The Committee reported to members the results of a comprehensive traffic survey, and suggested a set of ten proposals which had been designed to tackle the congestion problems in the Redfield area.


There was a good turnout for the meeting. The results of the survey provided much food for thought, giving the first ever comprehensive picture of local traffic flows. A lively debate then followed with members voting in favour of nine of the ten proposals.


"We believe that a more comprehensive range of measures is needed which addresses the different causes of congestion in different parts of the Redfield area", said Michael Rich, Chairperson of the Association.


The Committee now plans formally to present a set of proposals to B&NES in April.


The meeting also welcomed a visit from P C Tony Rogerson, Local Beat Manager, who explained his role and also that of the new Police Community Support Officer, Nathalie, who would be patrolling the Redfield area.


Finally the meeting agreed to hold an evening entitled "Redfield in Days Gone By" - on Thursday 1st March 2007 - with a sharing of reminiscences, photos and historical detail.


If you are a permanent resident of the Redfield area and would like to join the Association, click here.



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